Minggu, 29 Maret 2009


A true sporting hound, the Whippet was bred for speed and is the fastest domesticated animal of his weight, capable of up to 60 kilometres per hour. Originally used for coursing rabbits, he became popular among the working classes in the north of England for racing, being known as the poor man's racehorse.

Today the Whippet is predominantly a much-loved gentle pet for all age groups. There are few dogs that are as clean and well-behaved in the house, or as easy to feed and maintain. Not only does the Whippet make a quiet, dignified, unobtrusive, yet highly decorative addition to any household, he also excels at catching rats and other vermin. Blessed with a gentle and affectionate nature, the Whippet is anxious to please his owner and easy to train. (No training is required, however, to make him into a foot-warmer in bed!

Although the Whippet looks somewhat delicate, he is, in fact, an aero-dynamically constructed canine athlete, with a hardy constitution, and requires considerable exercise to keep him in top condition.

Ideal height Dogs 47-51cm
Bitches 44-47cm
Weight approx 11kg

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